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Passion Fruit Yakult Green Tea

- Written by The Small Boy, who doesn't have an account on this website as he is not old enough to have his own email account yet, therefore I'm posting it for him.

Have you ever walked into some boba tea shop and ordered a fruit tea that is 50% sweet?

And then you take a sip and its really sweet?I have done that once,and believe me, it wasn't fun. It ended up with my family complaining that it was too sweet. Well, I already learned my lesson on that one. So then we all agreed that we would make our own fruit tea. This recipe will get you started.

Things needed:

  • A pitcher

  • One tea bag - we used Numi Jasmine Green

  • Boba (Optional)

  • 1 bottle of Yakult

  • 1 can of concentrated passion fruit juice


  1. Brew tea for 5 minutes with hot water;

  2. Prepare boba according to instructions on the package, which is basically: boil boba pearls in hot water until they rise to surface, transfer boba pearls to cold water until they cool down, then pour out water, and mix boba with honey;

  3. Mix: tea, lots of ice cubes, 1 bottle of Yakult, 3/4 to 1 can of concentrated passion fruit juice;

  4. Add cold water to the rim of the pitcher.

  5. Get some glasses, add boba if you like, pour your fruit tea in, and enjoy!

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