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Fala-wa-ffel and Cilantro Sauce... a perfect couple!

I shall say, this idea of falafel waffle (aka, “fala-wa-ffel”) did not originate from me, although it does seem very likely! However, I did make an important decision (besides naming it the "fala-wa-ffel") to marry the fala-wa-ffel to our very own cilantro sauce. The result? Let me tell you, it is groundbreaking!

How to make a fala-wa-ffel? Simply go to your local “Trader Joe’s” grocery store and follow the instructions here:


How to make a cilantro sauce? Here is our recipe


What goes well with it? We had it over a simple salad, over a glass of Rosemary Watermelon Fresca.

Now try it yourself, and you will know what I am talking about!

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