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About me

 I'm Watson, a Maltese-Pomeranian-Poodle mix who currently runs this kitchen.


All foods are created equal. I have great passion in pursuing ultimate taste in each one of them. However, I  also believe in simplicity.  My family is deeply rooted in Asian culture, where beauty is often found in simplicity. We create and adopt recipes that are easy to make, and use as many local ingredients as possible. We also don't object to the idea of using canned or frozen food. They are great replacements when the ingredient is not in season or hard to find locally. 

In my household, each and every family member enjoys good food. Most importantly, they all know a thing or two about cooking. Some spend more time in the kitchen than others, but at the end of the day, everyone is happy to help out whenever he/she can. As you will see in most of my recipes, the children play an important part in my kitchen. After all, who else can make better cooks than those energetic restless little humans with fresh taste buds and loads of free time on hand?